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UPPERCUT DELUXE - Monster Hold wax

This is the most powerful wax for that extra hold. Perfect for hairstyles that just need that extra power. One use leaves your hair looking good for days.


UPPERCUT DELUXE - Featherweight (wax)

Water soluble wax (cream) is perfect for messy looks and textured styles. This product has a dry finish. Restylable with water during the day.


- Balm & Moisturizer (Bees wax / Lime)

BEARD BALM U.S. - Balm & Moisturizer (Bees wax / Lime)

Exclusively available here. 100% natural from the USA. Uniquely grooming & moisturizing. Scent: Bees wax & Lime

€ 17,50 € 16,00

VARSITY BEARD - Mo Moulder (Moustache Wax)

The Ultimate Moustache Wax. Strong hold and fresh, subtle scent. Gentlemen choose this!


TEXAS BEARD CO. - The Ultimate Beard Pack!

Beard Balm + Beard Oil + Beard Brush Handmade, numbered and exclusively available here. Proud of the Beard? Get Texas Beard Co.



Water soluble pomade for old school hair styles, but also for the modern haircuts that need hold and shine .


UPPERCUT DELUXE - Aftershave Moisturizer

Afterhave Moisturizer that perfectly compliments the Shave Cream. Low in fragrance & leaves your skin smelling clean and feeling fresh.


LAYRITE - Original Pomade

A renowned classic in barbershops. High hold, semi-shine.


TEXAS BEARD CO. - Mint Eucalyptus (Beard Balm)

Exclusively available at Barbanero. All natural, makes the beard strong, healthy and manageable. Munt & Eucalyptus!



Barbershop Pomade, high-shine and strong hold. Winner FHM Awards 2014!



Light styling product, semi sheen and medium hold. Winner FHM Awards 2014!


LAYRITE - Super Hold Pomade

For extreme hold in curly and in course hair. Perfect for those old school cuts.


UOMO ITALIA - Gift Set (Limited Edition)

Italian class & style; only at Barbanero. Shampoo-Shower Gel + Aftershave Balm. Limited edition Gift Set.



Shampoo that is all a man needs. This shampoo removes hair products, nourishes the scalp, reduces oiliness and energises the hair.


SUAVECITO - Pomade Firme Hold

Gives extra hold and a shiny finish. Water soluble and a fresh masculin scent.


TEXAS BEARD CO. - Thumbleweed Beard Oil (No scent!)

Exclusively available at Barbanero. The right choice when wearing cologne.


UOMO ITALIA - Deodorant Spray

Only available at Barbanero. Deodorant Spray with a classy masculine scent. 100% natural & environmental friendly.



A Shave Cream that is a low fragrance and gives a rich lathering cream. Provides for a comfortable shave. It's the perfect base for the Aftershave Moisturizer.


TEXAS BEARD CO. - Thumbleweed (Beard Balm) - No scent!

Exclusively available at Barbanero. All natural from the USA. Thumbleweed has no added scent. The right choice when wearing cologne.


TEXAS BEARD CO. - Munt Eucalyptus (Beard Oil)

Exclusively available at Barbanero. Enough oil to last most beards 3-4 months with daily use. 100% natural, handmade.


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